Dr. George Grimm

George Grimm (1868-1945)

After completing his theological studies, devoted himself to jurisprudence and chose the career of a judge. However, his interest in philosophical problems induced him to study Schopenhauer’s works. His association with Carl Du Prel (1839-1899) whose Philosophy of mystics is a standard work, was also stimulating. The influence of Schopenhauer led him to indological studies. A special attention he devoted to the study of Pali where-with he came more into the attractive force of theBuddha-Dhamma. It was in 1915 that there came out The Doctrine of the Buddha; The Religion of Reason. In circles, which became acquainted with him professionally, he was characterized as ‘Bavaria’s most benevolent judge’. He wrote from an attitude acquired by his practical realization of the Dhamma. He was writing, as he often said – for himself. The last twelve years of his life he spent in the rural stillness at the Ammersee.

With the well known Indologist and philosopher Paul Deussen (1845-1919) – the early friend of Nietzsche – he was connected by friendship until death. It was together with Karl Seidenstucker (1876-1936) the famous Indologist that in 1921 he founded the ‘Altbuddhistische Gemeinde’, (Old Buddhist Community) Utting a.A.

(The text above is from the cover insert of the English edition of ‘The Doctrine of the Buddha’).



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